What we do

TOKYO GREETERS, which is provide by TOKYO FREE GUIDE, offers overseas visitors a free tour in and around Tokyo for 2-3 hours, which has a myriad of exciting and appealing attractions. We will take you to look around, free of charge. Although our volunteer greeters may not speak your language perfectly, we are full of energy with heart-warming hospitality and cultural insights. Our latest information ensures that you will have a memorable experience in and/or around Tokyo. Even if you already live in Japan, all overseas people are welcome. We may know about Tokyo more than you do!

 If you wish to have a tour with a volunteer greeter, book now! We look forward to meeting you in Tokyo soon!!

About us

Our greeters are cheerful and helpful men and women, who are students, homemaker, retirees, office workers, etc. Most of them have lived and/or worked in or around Tokyo for a long time.

Some of the greeters may know everything about Japanese music, pop culture, anime, or the trendy shops, while others may have an extensive knowledge of Japanese food, history, culture, society, or religion. Our volunteer members truly enjoy meeting people from different countries and cultures and sharing the fun of discovering Tokyo areas!

Global Greeter Network

Global Greeter Network(GGN), a voluntary association of independent welcoming programs around the world. All programs are open to everyone, are FREE and offer greeter services as a one-on-one or small group experience and are facilitated by enthusiastic, local residents who love their home city and volunteer to welcome visitors.

Greeter programs are now offered a lot of countries around the world. And new cities are offering greeter programs all the time.

GGN encourage you to consider another greeter organization on your next vacation where you will find more fascinating stories from locals just as you did in Tokyo. For the full list of greeter programs available go to www.globalgreeternetwork.com.