Photo Album

Ms. Nicole Licastro sent a message to TG office. She had a tour with a greeter in Tokyo.

"Unbelievable service and Junko stayed with me the entire day. I hope she enjoyed my visit as much as I did." (December 29, 2016)

Ms. Penelope Lennon from Australia sent a message and a photo. Her family had a tour with a member of Tokyo Greeters.

“We loved our tour with Hiroko. She took us the Sensoji Temple and helped our children to purchase their stamp books and get their first temple stamp! We walked and chatted and had a beautiful lunch at an Okonomiyaki restaurant. What an amazing service this is! So, perfect for our first day in Tokyo.” (December 15, 2016)

Ms.Chua Lisa from Singapore sent a comment. She spent time in Tokyo with a greeter of TG.

"Very responsive and helpful even before I arrived in Tokyo in suggesting what I can do. I really liked my greeter, Kiyoko, very much. She is so accommodating, spent more time with me than expected to make sure I managed to buy/see what I needed. The experience is not touristy and when she introduced any food/things that I wanted to get, she brought me to places where locals will go and that is awesome!" (July 19, 2016)

Ms.Natashja Dworkin from Denmark sent a comment. She spent time in Tokyo with a greeter of TG.

"It was such a delight to meet our greeter Emiko. From our very first communication she was welcoming and open. It was very clear that she wanted to help us to have a very personal experience. As my daughter was 22 she also brought along two sweet young students, so they could practise their English skills and it was very lovely to spend the afternoon with all three of them, learning more about Japanese culture, history and customs. We spent the afternoon walking around in Ueno Park, a nearby neighbourhood and ended up having lunch in a very nice restaurant. They walked us back to the station to ensure that we were well on our way. I cannot recommend this experience with Emiko highly enough. Both my father, my daughter and myself were very happy that Emiko found the time and came all the way to Tokyo center to spend time with us. Arigato and love to the girls too! We hope to see you here in Copenhagen one day. Sincerely, Natashja"

Ms.Grace Ambrose from Australia sent a comment. She spent time in Tokyo with a greeter of TG.

"The suggested itinerary to a little suburb outside of Tokyo and visiting his family's temple/shrine. Enjoyed it tremendously."

Mr.Michel Majeau from Canada sent a comment. he spent time in Tokyo with a greeter of TG.

"Our greeter was a very nice man and it was a real pleasure being with him for a few hours!"

Ms.Julie Lee from Australia sent a comment. She spent time in Tokyo with a greeter of TG.

"Suegy was very knowledgeable, welcoming and efficient. She spoke excellent English. Communication before and after the tour was excellent with precise meeting instructions. Great itinerary, given our short time frame. Very appreciative. We would recommend Tokyo Greeters to anyone looking for a tour guide in this beautiful city. Thank you Tokyo Greeters!"

Mr.Alexander Diaz from Spain sent a comment. He spent time in Tokyo with a greeter of TG.

"Ms,Hiroko Watanabe was nice, helpful and considerate. We thought we were going to be tired (and we indeed were) after the 12 hour plane travel, but her contagious enthusiasm and understanding of our situation arriving at a place where we didn't understand was amazing. It was a beautiful first encounter that did wonders to ease us into Tokyo and resonated the days that we stood there. An excellent first step." (August 1, 2016)

Mr. Robert Elliot from Australia sent a comment. He spent time in Tokyo with a greeter of TG.

"Junko Saga was an excellent TG who expertly took us to our destinations, which we would not have been able to achieve without her assistance. We highly recommend the TG service and commend the organisation, for the high standard of the Greeters and the service they provide."

Ms. Lee Laurino from United State sent a comment. She spent time in Tokyo with a greeter of TG.

"Greeters worldwide is a wonderful service. Please complement Junko on doing a great job. I will be sure to ask for Greeter meetings as I travel the world."

Ms. Littal Yadin from Israel sent a comment. She spent time in Tokyo with a greeter of TG.

"We met Tomoko on our first morning in Tokyo and it was a great help in getting around the big city and learning a little bit about the culture and customs. Tomoko also kept in touch with us via e-mail and sent us very helpful information regarding architectural sites we were interested in."

Ms. Ida Gräsman from Sweden sent a comment. She spent time in Tokyo with a greeter of TG.

"I am very impressed with Koji's hospitality and dedication to this cause. He did a fantastic job of making me feel welcome. "

Mr.Matthias Claus and Ms.Daniela Plietsch sent a comment and a photo. They spent time in Tokyo with Ms.Chie Akai Sugimoto a greeter of TG.

"Chie was very kind and the perfect greeter!" (July 31, 2016)

Ms.Hannah Sardar from UK sent a message and a photo. She had a tour with Ms. Masumi Sugiura a greeter of TG.

"Suegy was outstanding. Being welcomed to a country that I have never visited made both me and my partner feel safe and allowed us to really get the best out of our 2 week trip to Japan. Suegy was knowledgeable, told us about the history, culture, faux pas of the country and generally gave us a great beginning to our trip."  (May 2, 2016)

Tokyo Greeter held an event on September 10th to celebrate one-year anniversary and joined the world-wide activities of the Global Greeter Network in celebrating International Greeter Day. 26 people participated the event including 2 visitors. After 5 greeters presented their volunteer activities in this last one year, the participants were divided into 4 teams and enjoyed a game. They had searched for specific locations in Harajuku, Omotesando and Meiji-jingu area by using photos provided as a clue, and get points according to the difficulty of finding each. (September 10,2016)

TG received feedback from Mr. Bruce Edwards. They had a tour with Ms. Haruko Yano a greeter of TG.

"Haruko was very informative and very friendly in her manner. We loved the greet and are very keen to come back to Tokyo and Japan to see more of your wonderful country.
Haruko is a lovely person and we continue to correspond with her." (August 28, 2016)

Sue and Bruce wandered around the ramshackle street of Nonbe Yokocho ( Drunkard's Alley), a district full of tine bars in Shibuya and visited Sensoji Temple in Asakusa. They had a great time with Haruko. (August 28, 2016)

Shawna and her daughter made an excursion to Todoroki Valley with Kentaro. They walked along green towpath, a perfect spot to feel refreshing in the hot summer day, (June 19. 2016)

TG received a happy message from Delphine Boissier san with a photo;
"We adored our journey in Tokyo, this city is fantastic! But the most unforgettable are the welcome, the kindness and the discretion of the Japanese! Thanks to Noriko, our journey was unique! 
very effective! Tokyo greeter found the greeter ideal! With perfect French! Thank you again!"

Laura and her friend explored the old town Yanaka and learned Japanese custom from Masumi.(March 26.2016)

Haruko took Harmeet and his family to the bar quarter Goldengai and the Hanazono shrine of Shinjuku in the evening. They had a fun with the neon glitz.(April 17. 2016)

Saori took Andrew on an excursion to Ueno Park. A photo of them taken in front of the bronze statue of Saigo Takamori, a great leader and tragic hero, who helped modernize Japan and his life is inspiration of the Tom Cruise movie " The Last Samurai." (April 16.2016)

Andrew and his friend explored the old district Hongo. The photos taken in the red gate of the Tokyo University and the Nezu Shrine.(April 10.2016)

Koji showed Jose and David around Asakusa, They struck up a friendship instantly and had a fun at the town,(March 27.2016)

Delphine and her husband explored Yanaka and Ueno areas with our greeter Noriko. The photos taken in Ueno Park, now ready for "Hanami", cherry blossoms viewing and parties.(March 24.2016)

Karin and her partner were excited with Kitchenware Town Kappabashi. They had a great time with Haruko. Lovely photos with happy smiles in front of a plastic food sample shop and a small garden in Asakusa.(March.27.2016)

Julia and Sam spent a great time with Koji, rambling through narrow streets, discovering temples,

shrines and local shops in a small town, Yanaka.  Photos taken in front of an old wooded house, now renovated as Japanese style pub. (March 13, 2016)

Yann and Sebastien enjoyed an excursion to Shibuya and Harajuku areas. Photos taken at Hachiko Statue, the most popular meeting point of Tokyo and in Takeshita Street in Harajuku. (Febrary 8, 2016)

Sophia and Rens had a great time with Greeter Noriko. A photo taken at the National Art Center, a very modern architecture. They also enjoyed shopping in a local town. (January 15, 2016)

Greeter Chizuru showed Jeanne-marie and François around the Harajuku area. Photos taken in the gate of Meiji Shrine full of visitors for a happy new year prayer. (January 5, 2016)

Greeter Chie took Rachel and Darryl to Asakusa. A lovely photo with big smiles at the landmark Kaminari-mon gate of it. (December 23, 2015)