International Greeter Day 2021 Kyoto and Tokyo

Two IGA member groups in Japan, Kyoto and Tokyo, jointly hosted International Greeter Day 2021 over Zoom on Sunday, September 5th.  35 greeters including 5 ones from Kyoto and 30 ones from Tokyo participated.  We invite greeters of several destinations in other countries to introduce their cities.  Following the introductions, participants were divided into small groups to exchange information about their greeting activities.  


DateTimeSep 5, 2021Sun10:0011:30 AM Tokyo Time


1.   Opening Remarks by Tokyo Greeters Ms. Sanae Kawamoto / Mr. Tracy Brown

2.   Photographing

3.   Introduction by Chicago Greeter Ms. Katie Law & Mr. Richard Prince

4.   Introduction by Big Apple Greeter Ms. Mimi Feinstein & Mr. Lester Barnett

5.   Introduction by Sydney Greeters Mr. Joseph Furolo

6.   Introduction by Antwerp Greeters Ms. Gerd Cornelissen

7.   Messages from Tehran Greeters and Hamburg Greeter by Ms. Kawamoto

8.   Breakout Session in English

9.   Breakout Session in Japanese

 International Greeter Day 2021 video

International Greeter Day 2020 in Tokyo

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      「ビジターにお見せしたい東京の近代・現代建築 残りの3選」






International Greeter Day 2019 in Tokyo

Higo-Hosokawa Garden is located about 4km north west of the Imperial Palace and where the Kanda river meets the Sekiguchi plateau in Tokyo.  The garden was originally constructed on a residential site for a retainer of the Tokugawa Shogun in the Edo period.  It features a varied landscape with a forest on the slope and a pond drawing water from the stream. 

     Tokyo Greeters hosted an International Greeter Day 2019 event in and around the garden.  Participants enjoyed a quiz competition at an old Japanese style house, and a walking tour in the neighborhood. It was a great way to meet local Greeters and have fun as well. 


Route Map